Mitsuru Sunada

Faculty of Economics
Hosei University
4342 Aihara-cho, Machida-shi, Tokyo 194-0298, JAPAN   Access   Campus
E-mail: mitsuru.sunada atmark (change atmark to @)


Research Interests
Industrial Organization; Business Economics; Antitrust Economics; Applied Econometrics.

Employment Education Thesis: "Economic Studies on the Effects of Evolution of Information and Communications Technology."

  1. "Competition among Movie Theaters: An Empirical Investigation of the Toho-Subaru Antitrust Case,"   Journal of Cultural Economics, Vol. 36, Number 3, pp. 179-206, August 2012.
  2. "Coverage Area Expansion, Customer Switching, and Household Profiles in the Japanese Broadband Access Market,"   Information Economics and Policy, Vol. 23, Issue 1, pp. 12-23, March 2011 (with Masato Noguchi, Hiroshi Ohashi, and Yosuke Okada).
  3. "Measuring the Cost of Living Index, Output Growth, and Productivity Growth in the Retail Industry: An Application to Japan,"   Review of Income and Wealth, Vol. 56, Issue 4, pp. 667-692, December 2010.
  4. "Vertical Integration in the Japanese Movie Industry,"   Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade, Vol. 10, Number 2, pp.135-150, June 2010.
  5. "Network Effects with Quality Change: An Empirical Analysis of the Japanese Mobile Telecommunications Market, 1995-2001,"   Managerial and Decision Economics, Vol. 29, Issue 8, pp. 657-674, December 2008.
  6. "Welfare Effects of Quality Change and New Products in the Japanese Mobile Telecommunications Market: 1995-2001,"   Economics of Innovation and New Technology, Vol. 14, Issue 8, pp. 715-733, November 2005.
Working Papers
  1. "Measurement of the Consumer Benefit of Competition in Retail Outlets"   RIETI Discussion Paper Series, 09-E-026, April 2009 (with Toshiyuki Matsuura).
  2. "A Simple Simulation Analysis of Network Industry: the Case of the Japanese Mobile Telecommunications Market,"   CPRC Discussion Paper Series, CPDP-23-E, August 2006.
  1. Grants-in-Aid for Young Scientists (B), Japan Society for Promotion of Science, April 2014 to March 2018 (accepted).
  2. Grants-in-Aid for Young Scientists (B), Japan Society for Promotion of Science, April 2011 to March 2014.
  3. Research Grant, the Okawa Foundation, March 2011 to March 2012.
2015 Yokohama City Univ.
2013 Univ. of Toyama, ISNIE2013 (Univ. of Florence)
2012 Kwansei Gakuin, Yonsei Univ., Keio Univ., EARIE2012 (LUISS & Univ. of Rome Tor Vergata), CLEA2012 (Univ. of Toronto), Nagoya Univ., JPC
2011 AsLEA2011 (Univ. of Hong Kong), EARIE2011 (KTH & SSE)
2010 Yokohama National Univ., Keio Univ.
2009 Kwansei Gakuin, IIOC2009 (Northeastern Univ.), Kyushu Univ., Nihon Univ., Tohoku Univ.
2008 KISER, JEA Fall Meeting (Kinki Univ.), CLEA2008 (Univ. of Toronto), Hitotsubashi Univ.
2007 Business & Economics International Workshop (Aoyama Gakuin), EARIE2007 (Univ. of Valencia), JEA Fall Meeting (Nihon Univ.)
2006 IIOC2006 (Northeastern Univ.), JEA Spring Meeting (Fukushima Univ.), JEA Fall Meeting (Osaka City Univ.), DG-COMP
2004 APPC2004 (Univ. of Queensland), JEA Fall Meeting (Okayama Univ.)
2003 JEA Spring Meeting (Oita Univ.), BOJ, JEA Fall Meeting (Meiji Univ.)
2002 JEA Fall Meeting (Hiroshima Univ.)

Referee Services
Economics of Innovation and New Technology (2), Information Economics and Policy, Review of Income and Wealth.

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